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Irrigation’s optimisation


  • Water scarcity is increasing, in many large rivers only 5% of old water volumes remain in streams.
  • The lakes and inland seas are reduced and half of humide zones of europe and north America doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Groundwater is pumped intensively and aquifers are increasingly polluted and salinised in some coastal areas.
  • Irrigated land in developing countries will increase by 27% between 1996 and 2030, while the amount of water available for agriculture will only increase by 12%.
  • Optimizing water use in rainfed and irrigated agriculture will be essential to deal with unavoidable shortage situations.
  • If the states don’t adopt the necessary measures to improve the management of water resources, some highly populated regions will experience long periods of recession.


Our company has a team of highly qualified engineers with an international experience of more than 10 years. We have forged strong expertise and are able to provide technical advice for all types of crops.

Optimize irrigation
Optimize irrigation
optimize fertilizer use
optimize fertilizer use
Increase yields
Increase yields

3 Services

Our mission combines regular field visits with effective laboratory technology support. We reduce up to 30% of water and fertilizer costs. To achieve this, we offer 3 services, advice to the complete management of your operation.

Aqua service

Setting up tools to water accurately and provide only the necessary water

SPA service

Daily assistance and advice to optimize irrigation and fertilization over the long term

Total control

Put your farm totally in the hands of one of our best experts


Arvum offers its customers the opportunity to acquire and install weather stations and control points that constantly monitor the state of climate and soil moisture. Objective: to make decision-making easy thanks to a better knowledge of the impact of the environment on culture.

Meteorological station

Measurement of climatic and environmental parameters

Smart water point

Accurate measurement of soil moisture

Sensors installed
Hectares worked
% of water saved
% of fertilizers saved
  • " We use two compaigns at the level of Agricultural Domains. Compared to the system and the ARVUM monitoring strategy, we are very satisfied because it allowed us to understand and visualize what is happening at the level of the soil profile, and around the root system, very important and non visible part for the development, and the productivity of our trees. "

    Mohammadine Khalid Irrigation Manager for Agricultural Areas
  • « Being able to evaluate online, the water needs of the root system of the plant, allows us to correct at any time, to make an efficient and sustainable use of water, that united with nutritional monitoring makes the perfect tool for any farm. »

    Rafael Sempere manage agricultural section CEMEX, Spain

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IVACE financial assistance through the Digitaliza CV program

The objective of the project is the creation of an interactive web platform and decision-making tools to help farmers and farms analyze data and information on their crops.