Can we save water with this way?

yes, we can optimize the use of water with this methodology. Our goal is to achieve and reach the maximum efficiency of each drop of water. On average, we save between 20% and 30% of the amount of water used in the farms. For example, in clementine production, the spinach national average, is near to 200 liters of water per kg of clementine produced. Thanks to ARVUM’s technology. we have reached results of 80 litters of water per kg of clementine produced.

Can we use it in all the types of cultures?

Yes, it can be used in all types of cultures. ARVUM today attends such diverse crops. citrus in the Spanish levanter, avocado, tomato in southern Morocco, artichoke, melon in France … This technology is available for all types of crops.

Can it adapt to all types of soils?

Yes, Today ARVUM works with all types of soils. We study the sandy soil in south of Huelva, for strawberry and raspberry production. We work with soils with very high clay content, in the north of Morocco, acid soils in France,

My farm is located on a hill. What can I do ?

Yes, we can work with ridges. We adapt to all types of installations. In the At the time of installation, we will evaluate the root system and the waterway applied on the ground. Based on these settings, we will do the most appropriate installation.

Can we save fertilizers?

Yes, we can save fertilizers. If we make a balance of used fertilizers in one crop, we realize that about 50% of these go to the plant. And the remaining 50% goes to the land, and by leaching they are put out of reach of the plant. These fertilizers They often create pollution problems.

The water I have is salty, can we optimize the use of water, under conditions?

If we can optimize the water, even being very salty. When we work with saltwater, we also measure salts and their reconcentration, to properly measure what fraction wash to apply in each case. Salinization of water is one of the biggest problems facing agriculture, and ARVUM is used to work with these conditions.

Can I program a controlled deficit irrigation with this system?

Yes, we can program a controlled deficit irrigation, if we don’t have enough water equipment on the farm. The precision of our equipment, the knowledge of the soil-plant-water system (SPA) and plant physiology, makes it possible to program a poor controlled irrigation, without having any consequences in present and future production.

Is it just the located irrigation, or can I use it to water?

If we can use this technology in spraying, localized irrigation, or any type of irrigation used on the farm. Teams measure the amount of water available to plants, regardless of the type of irrigation. At the time of installation, they will take into account the type of irrigation.

How can I check my results?

The results can be viewed live and in real time via our website or mobile application. In addition, each week, ARVUM technicians send comments and recommendations on irrigation.

In addition to reducing the amount of water throughout the campaign, what other benefits can I get?

ARVUM advice’s goal is not only to reduce water, but what is really needed is to optimize the use of this resource so limiting for the good development of plants. Providing the right amount of water at all times is essential for the complete management of the farm.