• Cost control of the entire farm
  • Managing Tasks in the Farm
  • Monitoring and control of results
  • Regular visits of an agronomist
  • Reduction of fertilizer use
  • Saves up to 30% water consumption
  • Plant monitoring by foliar analyses
  • Detailed real-time monitoring of the water situation in the plant
  • Monitoring temperature and electrical conductivity (CE) at the root level
  • Weekly report from a technician with suggestions and corrections to follow
  • Agronomic support at all times with highly qualified personnel

Your farm in the hands of an expert

By joining the Total Control service, the farmer acquires the most complete service on the market. Market, where profitability and control are sought. The team is made up of agronomists and financiers with the highest technology, as well as being able to know the daily reality of the operation.

  • Study of the root system of the plant, to know the most suitable irrigation system
  • Continuous visualization of the water status of the plant
  • Weekly irrigation recommendations
  • Analytics to know the nutritional status of the plant
  • Subscriber’s recommendations, depending on the phenological moment
  • Seguimiento técnico de la finca con Visitas periódicas a la explotación
  • Strategic plan of the farm, plantations, varieties
  • Farm cost analysis
  • Economic monitoring of the farm
  • Service aqua
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