Why should we optimize irrigation?

  • It takes 3000 liters of water to harvest 1 kg of grain and 15 000 liters to produce 1 kg of beef.
  • water needs don’t stop increasing as shortages are becoming more frequent and are affecting a growing number of regions.
  • Everywhere water is scarcer while its quality drops and the effort required to collect it is always more expensive.
  • The lack of water is a major threat to the stability of the world. But also a direct and imminent threat to the future of the farm.

Who is ARVUM?

ARVUM, Agriculture and engineering is a company whose main objective is to optimize water resources. This objective is achieved through two fundamental pillars, agronomy and engineering. The first one seeks to optimize the use of water and other resources such as fertilizers and pesticides in large and small farms, in order to achieve maximum efficiency in production. The second is the drafting and construction of hydraulic infrastructure, from dams and reservoirs to water pipelines and small-scale irrigation projects.

Our history

ARVUM begins its activity based on the availability and good use of water in Spain and mainly in the Mediterranean Pond. This area is increasingly affected by the impacts of climate change. It is from this situation that two engineers came together to solve an uncovered need. Since its creation, ARVUM has worked with public and private companies, expanding their services beyond the Spanish border. Currently, it works with the main producers of the Mediterranean, being his customers, farmers and companies from Morocco, France and Spain. Arvum offers a service based on the highest quality measurements, sensors and technological systems focused on intelligent irrigation.

Our vision

ARVUM seeks to solve an environmental problem that not only affects farmers, but represents a global concern: WATER. Through advanced technologies to measure, control and monitor the use of irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides.

Our values
  • Integrity: doing the right thing, we believe in a better world
  • Innovation: development of new technologies and openness to change
  • Responsibility: We think global to act locally
  • Growth: Commitment to our own success
  • Passion: We are inspired by what we do

Our clients

  • « Being able to evaluate online, the water needs of the root system of the plant, allows us to correct at any time, to make an efficient and sustainable use of water, that united with nutritional monitoring makes the perfect tool for any farm. »

    Rafael Sempere manage agricultural section CEMEX, Spain